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CubefieldCubefield is an online flash game that will ultimately leave a good impression on you with it's unique plot and navigation activities. This is a game that trains brain skills such as perception of vision and concentration. These brain skills can help you during a variety of activities including playing sports and driving a vehicle. The objective of the game is to move right or left using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The main goal is to avoid all yellow, orange, and red cubes. As you get farther along in the game, the background screen changes colors. A foreground that is gray in color with a white sky is the first image you will see. The color scheme then changes to a black color with a tint of fluorescent green. While this may attract your attention, you should not be distracted by this. The goal of the game is to stay focused on the task at hand despite what else is happening in the background. Today Cubefield Game is one of the most interesting online flash games, with great graphics and exiting gameplay. A numerous amount of new levels will extremely impress and make you happy for a long time. Cubefield game have many other versions such as second part Cubefield 2 or Cubefield Unblocked but the first part stays one of the best because in origin Cubefield you have much more possibilities and playing the game becomes more interesting. That is why i gave 5 stars for this first part of the game. In the beginning, Cubefield seems like a rather easy game to conquer. However, as you advance and cover the distance of the field, the game gets more difficult and you should play with the speed that the game offers. The field vision is extremely fast-paced so you must concentrate and focus very closely on the cubes. Otherwise, the cubes will ultimately destroy you, resulting in you losing the game. In order to make the most of the game, you should make the screenas large as possible. It is also a good idea if you do not move your ship in a quick manner from left to right across the field of cubes. By keeping your attention and eyes focused on the path in the right direction that you are traveling, the game will be easier to play. This method of playing is effective because you will only need to make a very slight left and right adjustment to the path you choose as cubes appear in front of you. So we advice you to play this popular flash game just for free at our official website and improve your mood your reaction and thinking abilities, have a nice pastime.

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